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Fisher boy
19 August 2007

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Reflections of doubts
5 August 2007

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Pussy Cat
11 July 2007

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16 June 2007

Recent Comments

Bron on Kids fight
Amazing capture of a moment.

Mohammad on Kids fight
نفس کش

mosleh on Kids fight
ok .....nice جوانه

jump on Kids fight
Hmmm, on Flickr i have to create a account if i want to comm your pictures :(

jump on Kids fight
Nice angle :)

payam on Kids fight
سلام , مرسی از کامنتی که برای من گذاشته بودید . ولی اون عکس رو ...

farzaneg on Kids fight

Rabbit on Kids fight
Man - life IS tough even as a kid.

Faramarz on Kids fight
cool... good timing.

hesam hamed on Kids fight
kodaki hayam ko?!

hesam hamed on Shine
red sun!

e. on Kids fight
Wow, that life seems so far away. Great capture!

kairospix on Kids fight
whoa...looks like that poor kid is outnumbered! did you intervene?

Wolfgang Prigge on Kids fight
Boys will be boys!

shahnaz on Brain lockup
A nice shot! It shows a kind of harmony among the bars! I give it 7.

Mohammad on Brain lockup
good shot

Shahab on Brain lockup
Great linse!Cool abstract shot!I give it 7.

Maysam on Brain lockup
nice and Select the best view

Vahid on Wallpaper!
Very creative!

Vahid on Shine
Very nice shot!

badala on Brain lockup

badala on Brain lockup
Great minimalist shot.

kairospix on Brain lockup
i give it a 5 - interesting capture of criss-crossed lines and different thickness but there no real central focus to ...

Rabbit on bazaar
I really like this capture alot - very nice and colorful!

Rabbit on Brain lockup
Alright... i give it an 8 i really do love abstract images. This one is good in that it starts at the left with BIG bar ...

Bron on Brain lockup
Great title Mahyar!

Andrew Gould on Village
Pleasing lines in this composition.

Adrian on Life
Mashalla che bacheye ghashangi.khoda bebakhshash!

Amir on Village
Beautiful house in Northern Iran style. Very well done.

rem_la on Village
la photo est bien mais le fil a linge n'est pas terrible !!

MaryB on bazaar
A wonderful selection of colours, and a great composition, a great capture :)

Catalin on Village
Looks like a lil town from my country. great shot of a calm place

Brian on Village
Restful and beautiful. Nice sense of place!

Twelvebit on bazaar
Interesting items for sale. Is there a pool or body of water nearby?

Babsi on Life
i like the perseptive, very impressive

Babsi on Reflections of doubts

Keneth on Village
Seems like a calm place to have a rest. I actually wouldn't mind living there. :)

Rags on Village
I like your composition. The tree looks as though its about to be swallowed by its surroundings

Lost Valley on Village
Very well done! I like the overall framing!

Bron on Village
This is charming Mahyar!

Mehrzad on Village
i remember "Khuneye Madar Bozorge" series... nice and nostalgic shot

Shutterbug on bazaar
great colours and mood here! :)

Bron on bazaar
Lovely portrait of the man and great setting! cheers Bron

Andrew Gould on bazaar
A colourful, well composed street shot. Excellent exposure and processing.

Riya on bazaar
Nice and colorful

Rags on bazaar
i love the colorfulness of the image. The mans smile also brings such life to the image.

Dimitrios on bazaar
a truly HAPPY well framed shot, nicely done M

jen on Shine
Beautiful glow and silhoutte

Twelvebit on Shine
Nice use of color and contrast.

Twelvebit on Fisher boy
I wish this was part of the portrait of Iran we saw in our media, instead of the all the hateful propaganda that has ...

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